Drawing and illustrating are essential ways to express ideas and tell stories through art. From simple pencil sketches to colourful completed artworks, these skills let artists bring their imaginations to life. Whether you're a beginner learning to draw or an experienced illustrator honing your craft, the art of drawing offers endless opportunities for creativity.

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Sketch & Classic Markers

Double-ended, refillable alcohol ink markers. These versatile markers are popular in a wide range of fields such as commercial design, comics/manga, illustration, caricature.

Medium chisel tip & flexible brush tip
Available in 358 colours

Broad chisel tip & small pointed tip
Available in 214 colours

Staedtler Ergosoft Pencils

Staedtler Ergosoft pencils are an excellent choice for artists seeking quality and comfort. Each range features an ergonomic triangular shape and a unique, non-slip soft surface for a comfortable grip. Their soft, richly coloured leads offer vibrant pigmentation.

The Aquarell pencils are fully water-soluble, making them ideal for both dry and wet techniques. These pencils are designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable drawing experience while delivering beautiful watercolour effects.

Artograph LED Tracer

Enlarges flat artwork & small 3D objects from 2 up to 14 times onto any vertical surface. The perfect tool for Decorators, Crafters, Artists, Painters and Hobbyists.

- High intensity internal LED board
- Emits light 8 times brighter than the original Tracer
- Consumes less energy and radiates less heat
- More efficient than light bulbs
- Copy size 5 x 5 inch (127 x 127mm)
- Enlarges 2x – 14x
- Optical glass lens: 200mm
- Low voltage power adapter
- Lumens: 1,800
- LED lifespan: 10K hours
- Cord: 2m
- Lightweight and portable
- Easy to use - no set up or assembly

Paper Stumps

Blend, blend, blend!
Use paper stumps and tortillons to smudge charcoal, pastel or graphite.

These are perfect for achieving precise blending and smoother gradients. 


Milini Glass Dip Pen

The glass dip pen is perfect for: Writing, drawing, illustration & calligraphy.
• Features a spiral nib to hold and distribute ink flow evenly
• Approx. 40-50 words can be written per dip
• Easy to clean


Artgecko Marker Pad

Using the right paper can save your markers from drying up too quickly! Bleedproof papers have a protective barrier that stop the ink from being absorbed, resulting in crisp defined artworks and longer lasting markers.  


Artist Feature

Use these products to create this stunning 
highlighted & shaded effect on toned paper!

Artgecko Toned Sketch Pad 
200gsm 30 sheets
Faber-Castell Pitt Compressed Charcoal 
Pack of 3
Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils 
Single pencils


Kneadable Erasers

Kneadable Erasers are ideal to use for charcoal and soft pastel work to 'pick up' and remove the pigment from the paper without having to rub on the surface, which also eliminates having to dust off the surface.

Soft vs Oil Pastels

Soft pastels Pure pigment mixed with (minimal) binder giving them a powdery, chalk-like texture. Easily blended with fingers, paper stumps, or brushes.
Oil pastels Composed of pigment, a non-drying oil 
(such as mineral oil, linseed oil, or a combination 
of oils), and a wax binder. They have a creamy 
consistency and are more viscous compared to 
soft pastels.