Liquitex Masking Fluid Medium 118ml

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What it does

Covers areas of your surface to stop colour reaching it
Peels off once colour dries to reveal a clean surface underneath
Leaves no trace or stain once removed

How to use it

Choose a suitable brush/tool to apply to ensure you get the detail you want
Dip your applicator in soapy water before dipping in Masking Fluid - this will make cleaning easier later
Carefully paint onto the areas you want to protect and leave to dry
Wash your tools with warm soapy water straight after application
Once dry, you can paint colour on freely
Remove Masking Fluid as soon as possible for best results, carefully starting at the corners and peeling back slowly
Fully compatible with all Liquitex products

How not to use it

Do not use on damp or soft sized paper
Not recommended for thicker acrylic paint application
Avoid abrading or overworking areas where masking fluid is applied

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