Matisse Silk Screen Print Pastes

MM22 Print Paste has been especially formulated for use with Matisse Colours to screen print on paper.

Mix thoroughly equal parts of MM22 Print Paste and Matisse Colour (Flow or Structure Formula). Adjust ratio to achieve the required viscosity, intensity and drying time. The more MM22 Print Paste used, the longer the drying time and the more transparent the print will be. The more Matisse Acrylic Colour used, the quicker the drying time and the more intense the colour will be.

MM22 Print Paste is designed to stay open in the screen; however, if longer drying time is required, add up to 5% MM1 Drying Retarder. Sheen and waterfastness may be improved by adding MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish. Wash screens and implements in water. If paste dries in the screen, soak overnight in lukewarm soapy water. 

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