Nehoc Digital Miscreen 200 Mesh 28cm

A unique combination of polyester screen printing mesh and polyester thermal film, enables ScreenMaster 200Mesh to create any design within seconds using a unique thermal transfer process.

200Mesh is the highest quality mesh available and used for plastics, metals, wood and paper applications.

200Mesh is not suitable for use with Print Lamp imaging systems. The polyester film is much more sensitive than 70/100Mesh using saran film and the 135/200Mesh will overheat destroying the screen.


Remove excess ink from screen immediately after use with ink knife. Wipe clean paper or dry cloth to remove excess any ink.
Wash in cold water only.
Do not use solvents, turpentine or chemical cleaners.
Clean on frame or when removed from frame.


ScreenMaster is a thermally active material and will last many years in storage, where suitable conditions are provided.

Store RISO ScreenMaster in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

ScreenMaster can be stored on the frame, or removed and stored by rolling (smooth side out). When rolling for storage, do not alloow mesh to naturally curl with mesh (rough) side outwards, film side must be on the outside for rolled storage.

Do not store in humid or damp areas, near or beside heaters and/or sources or radiant heat (especially during winter)

Do not store inside cupboards, draws, boxes, etc. which come into contact with direct sunlight

28cm x 5m
28cm x 25m
28cm x 50m
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