Cartridge Paper CA Grain 225gsm Packs of 25 Sheets

The name "C" à grain® refers to this paper’s slightly grained texture that allows the artist to quickly achieve subtle effects of depth as well as shading between shadow and light. Its is perfect for artistic drawing.

This versatile paper is suitable for dry techniques such as pencil, pastel, charcoal and sanguine and wet techniques as the paper remains flat.

The surface inspires the artist's imagination to travel to the land of creation where shapes and colours can develop fully and permanently.

The premium quality of this paper allows for corrections and modification without damaging the fibres of the paper and insures an excellent conservation of your work over time.

Ideal for: pencil, pastel and charcoal

Also suitable for: watercolour, gouache, ink, pen and felt pens
- Fine grain
- Weight: 224 gsm

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Weight gsm225gsm
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